About Us

Our company is oriented to use the reusable materials. The business idea was based on the fact that the furniture company has a large quantity of residues that actually go to garbage. Consequently, the implementation of our vision was to re-use the fabricand leather residues of a furniture company, thereby making the living environment more livable.

Our mission, however, is a cozy home that appreciates nature and the environment, also setting the example of the re-use of materials. We produce animal shaped cushions for sitting from leather and fabric residues. We also fill these cushions with residues and with wadding. Our product range includes pigs, wild boar, turtles, mouse and spider-shaped  ushions for sitting. We also produce snakes made of leather, which can be used to decorate the couch.

All products are made using the leather thread and have double stitching. Ears and tails, however, are stitched for six times. As a result, they can tolerate more than 100 kg mass. Cushions are equipped with locks for ease of emptying and filling. All products can be washed (with the exception of the turtle and the snake, because leather could give color) at 30 degrees using a hand wash program. The easiest and fastest way to clean them is to use the damp cloth. After the wash, the cushions can be also filled with the old clothes, broken plastic bags, newspapers or something like this.